Just like an angel’s touch,
one-minute cleaning with the luxury RUX foam.
Making myself a lady,
a precious time of my own.



Let go of your concerns,
with a daily care that makes you enjoy being a lady

A veil of luxury RUX foam
skin care soap for the intimate area


A daily one-minute careNot only for removing impurities,
but also to deal with odor and dullness
a washing pack to let go of these concerns.
Because taking one minute of
your busy life every day to deal with yourself,
will eventually help you get access to
the beauty and confidence of a lady.
*Treating dullness coming from external irritation



When washing your intimate area,
maybe do you use a body soap?


The body is slightly acidic, but an acidic soap would be recommended for the very sensitive skin of the intimate area. Washing it with an alkaline body soap or other kind of soap, disrupts the pH balance, and may cause dryness or itching.

酸性 フェミニンゾーン タントリュクスソープ(弱酸性) 中性 顔・体 アルカリ性 ボディソープ タントリュクスソープ(弱酸性)



The secret for gaining even more
confidence each time you take care of your skin,
is enveloping impurities to remove them,
for which was elaborated
the “luxury RUX foam” design of

Precisely because it is a sensitive area,
. thoroughly cleansing it, is essential.
For Tant RUX SOAP to gently envelop
impurities with its luxury foam,
to gently remove them from your skin,
we have been particular about the ingredients,
its non-irritant design and ease of use.

1A foam gently effective against impurities Cleansing ingredient Sodium Dilauramidoglutamide Lysine

What enables Tant RUX SOAP to be used safely even on infants while thoroughly removing impurities, is “Sodium Dilauramidoglutamide Lysine”, an ingredient with a double action of cleansing and moisturizing. Washes by catching and removing impurities with gentle strokes of the hand without scrubbing, and also serves as a moisturizing pack.

2Moisturizes the instant it is removedCarefully selected natural oils

Contains carefully selected natural oils that gently moisturizes the sensitive intimate area and prevents the keratinous layer from getting dry. In addition to moisturizing the instant it removes impurities, using Tant RUX SOAP for one minute will help in toning the skin to be smooth, giving it a moist finish.


Changing one minute
to a daily relaxing moment
Natural aroma fragrance for
a genuine relaxing moment

The condition of the intimate area affects our daily condition. Enjoy the relaxing aroma for your mind and body to make it a one-minute moment to take care of yourself as well.



《Enveloping and gently removing with the foam》
Recommended use to take care with Tant RUX SOAP

1 2〜3プッシュ 2 泡でなでるように 洗います 3 優しく洗い流す1 2〜3プッシュ 2 泡でなでるように 洗います 3 優しく洗い流す

During your daily bathing time, push the pump 2 to 3 times on your fingers, and gently stroke with the foam and wash up to the detailed parts. A foam pack on parts of concern will let the product work more thoroughly for a better moisturizing effect.
Afterwards, rinse out with warm water.

※ Up to the keratinous layer
※ Make sure not to aim the shower head straight at the intimate area.


Can it also be used during periods our skin is sensitive?
Tant RUX SOAP is non-irritant and can also be used with infants.
Therefore, you can use it safely also at a time when the skin gets sensitive.
How long does one bottle last?
You can use it for about one month. One bottle contains 200 ml.
Can it be used in parts other than the intimate area?
You can use it on parts other than the intimate area without problem.
I am pregnant, is it fine if I use it?
For use during pregnancy, please first consult a medical specialist before considering using it.


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